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Failure, a big one

Hello, im very down today. The results of the carry mark has just been released. Excitedly, i went to check mine. Ignoring the annoyingly low marks on English marks i received last week tho i PERFECTLY knew i deserved better marks on it. Im really against my English lecturer. How can I get 54\70 when i am the most active student in the class. When she asked for volunteers to read for the class in most of her classes, none but me volunteered to do so. Those bloody classmates are just too dumb to say or do anything! And I dare say that I achieved the highest in the tests and quizzes. I expected a near perfect grade like a 66+. And to top my temper, a girl, got higher marks than me. Be it a 0.5 marks more but she still got more. Her unsmiling face, her unfriendly attitude, her you-are-no-match-for-me looks, ugh i hate everything about her. Shes hardworking, yes but not close to active. She just watched darkly at the back in every classes.The lecturer knew i hates her. Her cunning and evil brains got me into this. She is just pure evil. This girl is nothing in the class ,nothing. IT IS NOT FAIR.

Hoping to repair it all with my math marks,  I hopefully pushed through the crowds to take a peek at the result board. But what i saw really disappoints me

Shinokas: etc | etc | etc | carry mark :25\40

How can this be. I know I never scored perfectly in the tests. I deserved this. But secretly i hoped it was a whole lot better so I get to reclaim my English marks. I aint expecting perfect marks from the other subjects. Im just doing so-so with the other subjects. Using my bad math i already knew i will never scored a 3.5 if  IF I dont scored perfectly in my final papers. But im not my old self, I dont want to be like everyone anymore. I wanted to be someone. Someone who achieved higher. Someone who are respected above the others. As I call it



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